Silvestro Musumeci was once overweight, bullied and suffering an isolated childhood, to now a slim, funky, happy guy, Silvestro Musumeci is full of life and with a smile to die for. Having lost a total of 75kg, half his starting body-weight, Silvestro has kept his body-weight off for 14 years, so what are his secrets?

A full time speaker, Silvestro shares his 7 steps to convert dreams into reality while filling the room with energy, hope and courage for those who... desire change. With his friendly approachable and outgoing character, Silvestro is a down to earth passionate person who can relate to those of us who can’t seem to convert their dreams.

Silvestro is a Published Author of a best seller “If I Can, You Can – How I lost Half my Bodyweight”, Silvestro represents hope, inspiration and a can do attitude which is a must for your followers.With truth and honesty, he uses his own personal experiences to replace fear and despair with self-belief and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Over the last decade Silvestro has appeared on TV, Radio and countless magazines.

It’s your choice, it’s your future. It takes a positive mind set. It takes courage, the ability to do something frightening. It takes determination and firmness of purpose. I had a dream to lose weight 14 years ago and I thought it would never happen. That proves dreams can come true. You are never too young or too old to pursue a dream. I am living proof of this.